Waking up with Linkin’ Park. Good morning. Oh I had so much sleep for a week. Back to school and work later! 😃

kampaynovy asked:

kalma nga

Nag-upload akong TTh. Pampainit din ng mga ulo niyo para same-same tayo. Hahahahah.

Peace. ✌️
Good night. Sleep na ko. 😴

Hindi po mainit ulo ko.

Ang pangit lang ng approach. Sorry kung may naoffend.
Ang presko ng dating eh.

Not because I said I can consider FuBu that means I experienced that for so many times. NO. I’m single all this year. It wasn’t that easy to get a fuck buddy.

I can be that. Then again, there’s a lot of things to consider to be engaged in that set up.


I’m going to ADHOC this Saturday! I will appreciate it if you guys could find time (if you happen to see me) to say hi.

I don’t have any idea what it is about, so it’s gonna be my first time to join the university party. Hope I could enjoy it!

And let’s take photos. I promise I’ll be nice! Hahahah. 😘😘😘